Review: Mike Dennis – Junction 29 EP

Review: Mike Dennis – Junction 29 EP

After only a few short months Mike Dennis is back! The Junction 29 EP is the follow up to Mike’s Junction 19 EP, released earlier this year.

Whereas the first EP dealt with Mike’s love of Bristol; this one turns his attention to another place close to his heart – Cardiff. The opening title track fittingly begins with some celebratory soundbites. At the end of Junction 19 there was a tribute to the Full Moon; a venue important to Mike that had closed its doors. Happily a campaign to keep the venue alive was successful, and this track is a celebration of everything Mike loves about Cardiff. I’m not as familiar with the city as I am with Bristol, but this track paints a vivid picture, replete with a gorgeous violin hook in the chorus.

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Review: Mike Dennis – Junction 19 EP


Mike Dennis is one of Bristol’s best kept secrets; a strikingly original rapping violinist and self-styled ‘menace’ who comes to the stage in his signature red and black striped T shirt armed with only a violin, cajon, loop pedal and a collection of witty yet sincere slices of West Country living. Coming hot on the heels of last year’s fantastic full length album ‘Smiles & Cries’; his latest offering is the six track ‘Junction 19 EP’ that, if there’s any justice in the world, will elevate him to the heights he truly deserves.

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