A Weekend of Highs and Lows


What a rollercoaster ride of mixed emotions that was. I’ll start with the good stuff because its always nice to have something positive to take away from situations. Friday night was the debut gig for the Matt Reynolds Band, and I had the most fantastic evening.

I don’t really ever organise and promote gigs so this was a big deal personally; and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t experience some stress and headaches making it happen! But it all came together beautifully. At least I thought so…

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Building The Band Part 2

I now have a permanent guitarist! I’m pleased to welcome Nick Poole to the band.

Nick is a very talented, intuitive guitarist who has come up with some really tasty parts to my songs. He picks things up quickly and has a great instinct for knowing what will work well with a song. I’m really looking forward to working with him in future!

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Introducing: Tom Rutland!

I am very, very pleased to announce my official electric guitarist – Tom Rutland!

Tom is a guitar teacher and plays for an agency in a function band (much like myself!) – as you will see below, he’s very talented. I’m absolutely thrilled to have him on board for this crazy ride. I’m sure you’ll all make him feel very welcome when we see you at future live shows!