How Easily Things Can Fall Apart

Well now. I haven’t written a blog post since the start of February. It’s now June.

As I have written about several times in this blog; if there’s one thing I’ve learned throughout this journey it’s that things can and will go wrong. And with me, they frequently do. My life and career seem to consist of a few minuscule peaks surrounded by a seemingly endless plethora of setbacks, failures and disappointments. Still, enough negativity – let me explain my absence.

Last time I checked in, my short lived Matt Reynolds Band lineup fell apart after our first gig. There have been no gigs since. Aside from two small solo acoustic shows I have played no original music since February. There have been some massive upheavals in my personal life over those last few months, some caused by myself and others out of my control. The Reynolds family was hit by yet more hard times as my father was diagnosed with cancer. And many other setbacks too numerous to mention.

I chose to deal with all this by drinking heavily and partying till all hours multiple times a week. I let the music slide, the fitness slide, the diet slide. I’ve pretty much been at my lowest point in about a decade. Midlife crisis crossed with more periods of mania and depression.

Happily I’m coming out the other side of it now. Just another rip roaring fun ride on the Matt ‘bipolarcoaster’ (and yes that is the album title if an album ever happens!). I need to hit the reset button and look at all the positives in my life and go from there.

I might not have played any more shows, but I have been in the recording studio with Nick and a new drummer by the name of Charlie Grimsdale. We met up and challenged ourselves to record a brand new song that none of us had rehearsed before. The results were really good, and the song ‘When I Fall (12 Hours By Plane) will be appearing on my next EP, coming soon. Charlie is a really great drummer, very relaxed and also a fantastic producer. He has also agreed to come onboard for live gigs too so great news!

Despite slacking off the last couple of months, my fitness regime has really paid off since I started it last year – I frequently get told I look like a different person now. I’ve really started to tighten up the diet this week to really make a push to lose the last bit of belly fat so I’m ready to start building muscle over the coming winter. My before and after picture is a pleasing testament to the work I’ve put in:

My musical career outside of the originals stuff is really picking up too – my covers band is playing loads of shows, I’ve joined a second band focussing on 90s hits, I’m getting more paid solo gigs, I now run a monthly open mic night at my local, and I’ve just found out I’m getting a residency at a great bar in Bristol. All this combined means that I finally get to leave my crappy retail job in the next couple of months!

So, even though there is still an element of residual sadness and frustration at the events of the last few months, things are hopefully on the up again. Then again, history does not fill me with confidence! Time will tell…

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