Preparing For The First Band Gig


After 18 months of blogging this process and experiencing many ups and downs trying to put a band together, I now have the first gig with other musicians this week! Although the full lineup isn’t complete yet, we are ready and able to get out on the local circuit and dip our toes into the murky water of the originals scene again – my first time since 2012!

Our last practice went well and apart from some slight fluffs we are more than giggable. I’m really looking forward to playing with Recovering Satellites from Bridgwater and Billy Driscoll from Bristol. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little nervous though – not for us, I just hope people come to the show! Below is Irreversible State Of Mind from our practice:

In other news, I’ve started to book us some more gigs for the first quarter of 2018; I’ve arranged a photographer to come and shoot one of our practices in February, and we will soon be heading back into the recording studio. On that note, I have a special announcement to make about my next single in the next blog post. Stay tuned…



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