Building The Band Part 2

I now have a permanent guitarist! I’m pleased to welcome Nick Poole to the band.

Nick is a very talented, intuitive guitarist who has come up with some really tasty parts to my songs. He picks things up quickly and has a great instinct for knowing what will work well with a song. I’m really looking forward to working with him in future!

Below is a jam session we had working on parts for Irreversible State Of Mind:

I am still on the lookout for a keyboard player – it’s the final piece of the puzzle that will really top off the band’s sound. I’ve had a couple of promising leads but they ultimately went nowhere. The search goes on!

In other news; I found out that Carousel has got through to the finals of a national songwriting competition. The judges are some guy from Mungo Jerry and Frank Turner. I don’t even remember entering it! I find out this week whether or not I’ve won anything – the prizes are fairly decent so here’s hoping. It just goes to show that despite feeling so negatively about my own music, sometimes you just need to put it out into the world to realise it musn’t be as bad as you thought!

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