Building The Band

As hoped for last week, the band practice was successful and I now find myself with a kick ass rhythm section! Its by far the most important part of the band so I didn’t want to rush getting the right people. My long standing partnership with Chas Bacon has sadly come to an end as he is relocating to Edinburgh for a job opportunity. I’m sad to see him go, but all things happen for a reason and I’m very pleased with who I’ve secured in his place.

First up though; he’s been mentioned consistently on this blog before but now needs a proper introduction. On bass we have – of course – Mr. Sam Drower! I’ve said lots about him on previous posts so I won’t repeat it here, suffice to say he’s my oldest musical companion and a brilliant, intuitive bass player. His main band is The Parlour Scene who are incredible to experience live. Check them out playing the Louisiana below if you’re interested. I know exactly where I stand with Sam, we get on really well and are very old friends so its amazing to have him on board.

Next up, I am absolutely thrilled to introduce to the project: Mr. Kyle Cullen!

Kyle is a real find. He’s been teaching drums for ten years, played with many bands and toured abroad. He has written two books; ‘How To Practice Drums‘ and ‘Paradiddle Creativity‘, and also writes for the national drumming publication Rhythm Magazine. Kyle is also a member of the Vic Firth Education Team, and is an online session drummer. He currently plays live with the excellent band Hidden Gentlemen. Below is an example of Kyle’s pop drumming skills.

The practice was a great success and the three of us had a lot of fun; managing to get through six songs to a pretty high standard for three guys who have never played together before! Kyle and Sam are a rock solid foundation for my songs and have given me a reinvigorated sense of purpose and drive for this project. The plan for the immediate future is to solidify the core trio to a high standard while continuing to audition a keyboard player and electric guitarist.

Great things await!

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