September Update

Apologies for the unimaginative title but sometimes its best to go with the simplest option!

So, since my EP has been out in the wild I’ve started to turn my attentions to the live performance side of things. Last week I played at the Bristol Fringe alongside two other talented chaps; Giles Norman and Drew Bryant. The event was a songwriters night hosted by Bristol record label Jelli Records, so it was nice to get on their radar a bit. I got to play two sets of three songs, and talk about the stories behind them in between. The Fringe is a really lovely, intimate venue and I am thinking it would be perfect for my EP launch party.

Yes, I know what you’re thinking – my EP came out two weeks ago, and you’d be right. Unfortunately, although I started planning for the launch a couple of months ago, I couldn’t secure a venue for a launch night. I emailed the Louisiana, the Grain Barge and now the Fringe but none of them ever replied to me. I guess the next step will be following up with a phone call as it seems emails are just not cutting it. I am yet to get any physical copies of the EP pressed so the night (when it finally happens) can serve as a ‘physical’ launch night.

The trouble I’ve had with this has lead me to the conclusion that I need to put my name around the Bristol open mic scene before I start booking my own gigs. Having played in and around Bristol over the last 15 years sporadically in several different projects does not by any means mean that I’m well known, so I put out the feelers on Facebook and managed, with the help of many friends and musical acquaintances, to compile a fairly comprehensive list of the weekly and monthly open mics. My business cards arrived in the post this week so I’m going to rotate appearances at all the events and put some cards on the tables etc. Hopefully this will put me on the local map a bit more and help me network with potential acts I can gig with and potential band members.

Speaking of band members; after the total disaster of trying to put a band together last winter I have finally posted more adverts to find people. This coming Thursday I’m jamming with a very good drummer who seems perfect for the project, accompanied by my bass stalwart Sam Drower so I’ve got my fingers crossed for some exciting results. I’ve had several replies to my adverts for a guitarist and keys player too but I can’t believe how many people either don’t read my ads properly (had a blues guitarist apply for my acoustic pop rock project) or just send a one sentence email saying ‘I’m interested in the position’ with no explanation of age, experience, location, no links to videos or music, and no indication they’ve looked into my project at all. The world really is full of jokers!

Lastly, of course it wouldn’t be a progress update without something going hideously wrong for me – a week ago I seriously injured my right arm (chronic tendonitis) that has rendered me incapable of playing guitar or going to the gym. I was devastated; but luckily its healing much quicker than expected. I have a 30 minute set coming up this weekend at Clevedon’s Marlens festival so I’m really hoping I can get through it.

So that’s pretty much it for now – hopefully I can report back a positive outcome of the band practice next time!

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