Dancing By The Side Of The Road

Well, here we are on 1st September 2017 – my very first EP as a solo artist is out in the wild!

Its been a very rocky road but its finally done. My sincerest thanks to anyone and everyone who played on and produced the record. You’ve been a part of this starting phase in my solo career and I won’t forget it. Also a massive thank you to the people who pre-ordered the EP – I wasn’t going to bother with going down the pre-order route as it seemed a little pointless (and maybe arrogant!) while I’m an extremely unknown artist; but you boosted my confidence and helped me improve elements of this project. I am in the process of recording a brand new song featuring violinist Mike Dennis and the vocal talents of my wonderful sister Melissa Reynolds, and I will be making it available for free to everyone who pre-ordered when its ready.

This long, sometimes frustrating three year period of my musical life is finally done and I am looking forward to getting out there and playing as many live shows as I can in support of the EP. That doesn’t mean my mind isn’t already turning to the next chapter though – I have plenty of new songs to record and play!

The next phase is already starting. Watch this space, I’ll be sharing more news soon.

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