Taking This Show On The Road

EP is done. Music video will soon be done. Website is done. Social media presence is small but established. The groundwork is in place – I guess its time to start gigging!

I must admit that I’m having some trouble securing a venue for my EP launch – the local Bristol venues that I’ve got in mind (and have played before) are not responding to my emails. I understand that they are busy; but I’ve never had a problem in past years. I guess persistence (but not harassment!) will be the key.

Although I’ve played many of the Bristol venues over the years with my various bands, its been a long time since I’ve been out gigging original music – and never under my own name. So I’m basically starting from scratch. I know a fair number of the regular names on the Bristol circuit, but by no means all of them.

My first move will therefore be to hit the Bristol open mic circuit and start putting my name and music out there, and start meeting the movers and shakers. I have played at the Seven Stars, the Grain Barge and the Rope Walk before and know the hosts, but there are many others to try. My ultimate aim in Bristol will be to get support slots at proper gigs with some of the best performers I meet on the open mic circuit, eventually headline my own shows in Bristol, and then gig outwards from there until nationwide. Then maybe one day, the world! Baby steps though. Time to research those open mics!

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