The Covers Conundrum

Before I fully sink my teeth into today’s topic I just wanted to say how impressed I am already with how quickly I’m managing to build a following on Instagram and make connections with people. With just a handful of posts I have managed to gain 100 followers in a couple of days, and I’ve even had a couple of emails from legitimate management and PR companies wanting to make contact and see if I can make use of their services. Not a bad start. I’m going to dedicate a portion of each day to keeping up with all my social media and making sure I’m constantly pushing it forwards. Its absolutely vital in today’s musical climate to show you have an online presence and following so I’m going to make it one of my priorities.

Now to the subject at hand. As you may know, part of my job involves performing in a covers band. I work with top guys who are a great laugh and brilliant musicians. The pay is good. It can be fun. But I’m increasingly starting to find that covers are taking over my life. At present I am involved in a wedding band, a wedding duo and a classic rock covers band. On top of this I am constantly asked to perform with other people at various open mics and showcase events. It’s leaving no time for me to concentrate on my own career as an original songwriter and performer, especially on top of a main job and a family. 

I have to be totally honest now – I’m realising that I’m sick of playing covers. 

But I can’t stop playing them because I need the money. I’m not sure what to do really, as obviously I have only an infinitesimally small chance of ever earning a living from writing my own songs. But at the same time if I don’t give my original music a chance then I will never know. 

I’m not sure what the ultimate solution to this will be. I guess I just have to find a healthy balance between the two. Watch this space. 

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