Preparing The Release

Now that the EP is in the bag; it’s time to start taking this seriously. I haven’t been in this position for at least half a decade – having an actual product I can start promoting. Five years is a very long time in the world of technology, and the way music is distributed and promoted is still in a state of flux.

It is here that I start to show my age – I’m lucky enough to be in the position that I remember life before the internet and social media; and yet I’ve been around it since the start and can adapt to its many intricacies. However; I’m not at all up together on how most forms of social media work. I can use Facebook all day long but things like Twitter and Instagram are still pretty alien to me.

So, that was my first task. I spent the last couple of days learning how to properly use the various social media platforms and get the most out of them. I’ve learned how to link them all together. And I’ve come up with my ‘brand’ package – a collection of images, fonts and colour schemes to use across all platforms to give them a unified theme so potential fans can easily identify my content. I could employ someone to do all this for me, but I’m keen to show other aspiring musicians that it is possible to do most things yourself. I even took my own promo shot – I just made use of the excellent iPhone 7 Plus camera, mounted on a tripod with a 10 second delay and took some shots in my back garden. Easy!

If you’ve been following this blog from the start, you’ll no doubt have noticed that I’ve given the site a bit of a facelift too. I feel this brighter theme is easier to read and more in keeping with the tone of my branding, plus you can now access all my social media direct from the sidebar over there to the left (or underneath this post if you’re on a mobile browser). I’m pretty happy with how it’s looking, I hope you like it too.

Lastly, I canvassed my Facebook friends to gauge opinion on which track should be the single and get the promo video treatment. Carousel was the winner by a long shot, so that’s one more decision taken care of.

So, now all the elements of my social media are in place. But I still have a LOT of work to do before I can release the EP officially. I can’t fall into the trap so many people fall foul of; thinking that an upload to SoundCloud and a few posts to my Facebook inner circle constitutes a release. I need to do this properly. Let’s get started!

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