Operation Summer

As I’ve mentioned before; I suffer very, very badly from Seasonal Affective Disorder. It affects me so much during winter that I often become suicidal. I essentially only live a happy, energetic life for six months of every year. And that sucks. But this isn’t going to be about overcoming that – oh no, this is going to be about making the absolute most of my favourite time of year.

Welcome to Operation Summer 2017 – the first of what I hope will be many years of my newly devised initiative. The premise is very simple – I want to do stuff! And I want to do it with YOU.

I want to utilise Facebook as a force for good. As I have talked about before; I sometimes find the old Book of Faces a very isolating, lonely place. A breeding ground for depression, envy, shame, anger. But it doesn’t have to be that way. As a starting point, Operation Summer is a Facebook group that I have set up. It has one main purpose – organising fun things to do with people I know, between the months of May and October. If you want to be involved, you can! All we have to do is agree on something fun to do in the summer.

We can go to gigs. We can go to the cinema. If you’re a musician we can write a song, or perform a cover together on Facebook livestream. If you’ve got kids we can have a picnic in the park with our partners and our kids can play together. We can do a gym session, or go on a hike, or meet for lunch, or just a coffee. We can go out drinking. We can organise a garden party or barbecue. And if you don’t live near me, or live abroad, we can have a long skype chat while having a drink. If you play video games we can have an Xbox Live or Playstation gaming session. We can do anything!

This whole initiative doubly applies if I don’t know you particularly well, or if we are only Facebook friends and have never met. We can change that! Don’t be shy. And eventually; I’m hoping that we will be able to blend friendship groups and expand our groups of good friends to have great times with. People network for business. They network for romance on dating sites. Why can’t we use Facebook to network for friendship and fun things to do!

I’m 35 this year, halfway to 70.  I only have a finite amount of great summertimes ahead of me, as we all do. I want to make each and every one of them memorable. And I want you to share that with me. So if you are friends with me on Facebook, look out for an invite from me to join the group. Let’s have a fucking great time!


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