Keeping Up The Momentum

Its been a month since my last post.

I’d like to say that time has been well spent feverishly slaving away on nothing but music, but in reality events have conspired to stop that from happening. A shitty flu virus had me pretty much bedridden for a couple of weeks, and a postviral bout of labyrinthitis (an inner ear problem that basically makes the room spin constantly) is still ongoing. Work stress has been bad, resulting in an absolutely crippling bout of insomnia that has left me like a zombie. On top of all that, a couple of weeks ago my Grandpa passed away. Its his funeral on Monday. I haven’t grieved yet. I haven’t cried. I am sad and upset, but I don’t think the reality of the situation has hit me yet. I’ll be writing more about him soon. And of course, I’m working on a song.

My band members have been unavailable too – Chas is spending three weeks in Japan; Lauren has been busy working on a production of Fiddler On The Roof, and Tom has been moving house and doing work with his function band. Its frustrating to not have people entirely devoted to my project, but that’s the thing with talented musicians – they are always in demand! Its been really hard to keep up the momentum but we are reconvening in November and hopefully we can get the ball rolling properly.

All has not been wasted time however – this week I managed to hook up with Laurence and record the vocals for Packing My Bags. Once again he has managed to mould my shitty vocals into something that I’m happy to listen to – the man is some kind of alchemist, turning shit into gold (well, bronze maybe!). We’re now halfway through the recording, so I should have an EP ready to go by Christmas.

Although the music hasn’t been especially forthcoming over the last few weeks; I have instead been focussing on the fitness side of things (when the illness has allowed). I’ve been regularly going to the gym, and although I still feel a bit awkward there sweating away next to all the musclebound jocks, I’m making progress already. It all feeds back into the project as a whole, which is as much about a life overhaul as it is about music.

I’m going to try and post a bit more over the next couple of weeks, hopefully with some more song performance videos.

Until next time!


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