The First Four Months

Wow – its been four months already!

That’s a third of a year, I can hardly believe it. Its kind of terrifying when I really stop to think about it – I’m keenly aware that my time is limited and its becoming very apparent that this is a massive undertaking that is still a while off being let into the public domain.

Since one sleepless night in May when I basically had a panic attack about the direction my life was going in, I feel very happy with how this project is taking shape. It really is incredible how one simple decision to start making music again has changed so much already.

So what have I been up to since I last wrote? Its been a while. Well, after a disastrous trip to the Edinburgh Fringe worthy of Spinal Tap (I may well divulge more in a later entry), most of my efforts have been poured into two avenues – getting the live band together and finally recording my vocals for the EP.

I’m super happy with Chas, Tom and Lauren. They are all fantastic, intuitive musicians who pick up the material very quickly and have plenty of great ideas that are making the songs even better. They’ve given me a very valuable gift – they’ve made me excited about music again, and for that I cannot thank them enough. We’ve had a total of three practices so far, with one small caveat – we are yet to all get to a practice together!


My band so far – Top to bottom: Chas Bacon, Lauren Davies and Tom Rutland

The first practice was Chas, Tom and I. The second was just Lauren and myself. And this week Lauren, Chas and I jammed through some more tunes. Next Thursday we are all in a room for the first time along with Sam Drower on bass and its going to kick ass. The songs are obviously very rough and sloppy right now, but its actually been ideal practicing with individual musicians as it has allowed us to work on individual parts rather than making a massive racket over each other. We have the bare bones of Carousel, Irreversible State Of Mind, Time To Leave, A Ghost For Every Road and Packing My Bags.

I’ve recorded the vocals for Carousel and I couldn’t be happier with the results – I almost like my own voice! Tomorrow I’m back in the studio with Laurence Howell to try and get the other songs done.


My producer Laurence. Even drinking tea he looks like a goddamn rock star.

So things are progressing nicely with one exception – the health and weight loss. In four months I’ve lost no weight at all. However, an important step has been taken – I’ve bought a membership to my local gym and started weight training, running and cross-training. I’m hoping this will be the final motivation I need to really make strides with my overall wellbeing.

Its been an amazing four months. I can’t wait to see where we are in another four!

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