Update 6

I’ve made the decision to drop the ‘weekly’ from these updates for now as realistically its taking a little longer. But rest assured, things are steadily moving onwards every week.

I’ve carried on doing a LOT of research into how to take this project as far as I can. I’ve been reading a great book called The DIY Music Manual, an exhaustive guide to making and releasing music independently. While a lot of it is stuff I’ve picked up along the way in the fifteen years I’ve been making music, I’m definitely learning valuable new things. I’ll share some thoughts further down the line.


The excellent Pirate Studios in Bristol, where the magic is happening

I have a keyboard player interested in joining, which is very exciting for me as I know from my wedding band experience how well keys can enhance a band’s sound when used right. I’ve also been in talks with another bassist I know from years back who I randomly bumped into in a nightclub recently. More to come soon.

Most exciting of all for me is how band practice has been going. I’ve been debating whether or not to share practice footage in this blog, but I think if the blog is to be a totally frank and honest account of how I reach success then I need to show everything. In my last post I announced the addition of Tom Rutland on guitar – I’ve been in a practice room with him and Chas Bacon hashing out the bare bones of Carousel, Irreversible State Of Mind and Time To Leave. I have made the decision to gradually add members over several practices as getting six or seven members in a room who have never played the songs together will just end up being a waste of three hours. I’m really pleased with how the raw songs are sounding so far – Tom and Chas have already brought parts to the table I wouldn’t have thought of. So without further ado here is the highlight reel of practice so far – in the roughest, purest of forms!

I’m off to the Edinburgh Fringe tomorrow so there won’t be a huge amount of progress to report in the coming week, but I’m hoping to be able to research some good Scottish venues and maybe even see how I can get to play at the Fringe next year. See you on the other side!

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