Weekly Update 5

Things are moving!

I have had a couple of responses to my adverts for a guitarist – some nice guys with great potential. The dialogue is ongoing, but I’m very hopeful that I may have found my guy. I am also happy to announce that one of my oldest friends Jo Findlay will be taking the position of backing singer and percussionist. My rhythm section is complete, vocals are complete, and lead guitar is close to being a done deal. Good times! I now only have keyboards and violin to fill – whilst Hannah Johns will appear on my album, I may need someone with more time to commit for the live shows.

I have redoubled my efforts to exercise this week – I’ve managed to lose 2lb which is very encouraging as I only need to lose 3lbs every fortnight. I just hope I can keep it up.

The rest of my efforts have been poured into more research – I want to create a budget for the recording of my ideal album. We’re talking a great renowned studio, paying my band members, mixing, mastering and production. I’ve been looking at studios and the funds are going to have to be substantial (of course). But its very exciting. As to how I plan on paying for all this, that’s for another post.


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