Weekly Update 4

Ok, so maybe the updates are more bi-weekly at the moment!

I played another forty minute set at the Seven Stars on the weekend. It was sweltering and I realised another issue of playing live I have to overcome – when its hot, my glasses slip down my nose while I’m playing. I need to either get contacts/laser correction or stop wearing them and be good enough that I don’t need to look at the guitar while playing. To be honest this is something I should work towards anyway.

I bought a new toy for my solo shows – the Finnhol Laser Kick Pro. Its a type of stomp box similar to the one I use in the duo, with a cool twist. Instead of stomping on an actual piece of wood, it runs a laser between two sides. When the laser is broken it triggers a kick drum sample. Easier to use than the stomp box and doesn’t get triggered by accident.

laser kick

I also put out some adverts for band members – so far on Facebook, Gumtree and Join My Band. I’ve had some interest in the electric guitar position so we shall see what comes of it. I’ve spoken with some musician friends of mine who are definitely up for playing and recording on a less permanent basis, so it looks like everything is slowly falling into place. I’m going to put out some more adverts this week.

That’s it for today, I’ll be posting some more song videos in the week.


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