Weekly Update 3

I’m still waiting on the vocal recording for my EP, but I’ve tried my best not to be idle. This week has involved doing a LOT of reading – I’ve been taking my first steps into researching the business side of this journey. I’ve been looking into the various things I need to consider once I have some recordings and gigs to promote.

There is so much stuff out there, and so many opinions, that its a very overwhelming experience trying to sort the wheat from the chaffe. Not only do I need to carefully pick the right musicians to work with, I need to consider what promoters to work with and which ones to avoid, whether or not I need to find myself a manager, relevant bloggers to send my material to, whether or not to employ a radio plugger to get airplay for my songs, the list goes on. It is becoming very apparent that the business side will take up just as much, if not more, of my time than the writing, recording and performing side. There is a hell of a lot of material out there that I need to read – its going to be an ongoing endeavour over the next couple of months.

I’ve also (of course) been practicing my material and performing live when I can. I’m definitely getting more confident with my performances which is an encouraging sign. This week I attended the Grain Barge open mic night. I only performed two songs (Irreversible State Of Mind and Carousel) but I played and sang them well and received some nice feedback. Ultimately its becoming clear that open mics aren’t going to be the way forward to bigger things, but they are very important for live practice and also networking.

This week I met a singer-songwriter called Martin James, a fantastic country singer named Dan Days (who I’m going to poach for a music night I’m hosting soon) and a wedding singer and vocal coach called Eliza Fyfe. I’ve seen her name around before and she had heard of my wedding band which was nice.

Tomorrow I have my next solo gig at Smoke & Mirrors. Its time to put into practice all the things I learned from last time – more confidence, more positivity!

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