Packing My Bags

Packing My Bags is basically the twin song of Time To Leave.

Both songs deal with getting away from everyday life but this song is, amongst other things, from the perspective of a self-absorbed musician who goes around doing whatever he/she wants without thinking about their loved ones back home. God knows I’m guilty of this – I throw myself 100% into whatever I’m doing at the time to the exclusion of everything else. I think most working musicians are a little bit selfish, you kinda have to be. By the end of the song the musician realises that they need to be there for their loved ones as well as pursue their career.

The rest of the lyrics are just about positivity, being happy and the summer. The way I write lyrics always starts with a ‘stream of consciousness’ approach – I stop thinking and just sing random words and sentences that just pop into my head. Afterwards I will use the structure and melody to write the final lyrics around. I have sung some really weird shit in the early stages of songwriting! Sometimes I like the initial line well enough to keep – the line in Carousel ‘How are we ever gonna get ourselves out of this one?’ was a stream of consciousness line that I kept intact. Packing My Bags is full of them.

Its also worth noting that this is the most relentlessly upbeat and catchy song I’ve ever written. The full version contains happy claps and cowbell. I’m sure some people will hate it!

 Packing my bags and I’m on a plane

And I’m never gonna see this place again

‘Cause you know nothing ever went my way

Well I made a wish on a falling star

Yeah I wished that it would take me to wherever you are

‘Cause I know that everything will be fine today

And I can feel the sun is round the corner

We’re living life, we take it day by day

And if you need to cry I have a shoulder

But if you blink I might just slip away

Well I never wished to be all alone

But wherever I feel like laying my hat is home

And it shows, oh in the way I sing and play

Drinking with friends as the sun goes down

And playing on my guitar is sure to lighten my frown

Up and down, oh is the way I live these days

And I can see that hope is round the corner

I’m wide awake, switched on and self-aware

And I admit I probably should have told her

But right now I just cannot seem to care

You know I could leave today

Find my place out in the world

There’d be nothing more to say

But maybe we should take time to let our wings unfurl

‘Cause all I know is that I love you

And all I know is that I care

And if there are dark skies above you

Just look around you know I will be there

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