From now on I will feature a progress report once a week, where I will lay out the things I’ve achieved in the last seven days and look ahead to what needs to be done next. I figure its a great way to keep motivated and not slack off – if I’ve done nothing then you’ll know about it, and I expect you to give me as much shit as I deserve!

The re-recording of my vocals for the EP is drawing nearer – the tracks are with my producer Laurence and I’m just waiting for him to finish up work on his own record before we dive in. In the meantime I’ve not been idle – I’ve been organising some practices with Chas on drums, and I’ve had confirmation from a very talented violinist I know by the name of Hannah Johns that she’s up for playing on my next recordings. With any luck she’ll agree to perform some live gigs with my band too. She’s in a brilliant band of her own called The Leylines – check them out below if you like the sound of folk-punk with a Somerset twist:

 I’ve also put the feelers out about shooting a music video over the summer. The two frontrunners for the video are Carousel and Packing My Bags – I’m leaning towards the latter, if only because its the most insanely cheerful and catchy song I’ve ever written (it has cowbell and happy claps, for god’s sake!). The sunny weather will be perfect for it. I don’t really have any kind of concept yet; all I know is that for the first video I’ll keep it simple from a performance perspective with just me and my guitar – no need for an arduous full-band video shoot this time. I’m not really keen on most low budget indie musician ‘concept’ videos as they normally have a guy and girl staring wistfully at each other. No, this requires something more…fun. Maybe a big beach party scene or something. I will ask for some ideas and see how it goes! People have been very generous with their offers of help so far – I have several potential directors and also some makeup artist students who are able to donate their skills, so its looking good.

While in London I wasn’t idle either – I’ve taken down the names of several venues where I can hopefully book some gigs in the near future. There’s a great vegan bar in Camden called Campbell’s that put on acoustic shows and open mics; also in Camden is the legendary Fiddler’s Elbow and in other parts of the capital there are two pubs known for having talent scouts and A&R folk in attendance – the Sebrite Arms and the Shacklewell Arms. I love London and its definitely a place I want to perform my music in the future.

I’ve been practicing my acoustic set nightly; and I’ve come up with a thirty minute set for the full band shows. Unlike earlier projects where we’ve changed the set lists up every gig; I want this show to be tight as it can be so we will be playing the same set for the first gigs:


This set has a mix of my upbeat numbers to dance to and also a couple of slower, more thoughtful songs. It should work well. The next step is going to be creating an online advert for a second guitarist and a keyboard player. After that, we can begin rehearsals. Its taking shape!

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