Just a short one tonight.

Today has been super busy – I had a three hour practice this morning for the duo; then three hours of teaching this afternoon, then a two hour practice with the wedding band, and a whole lot of travelling in between. Bristol’s public transport has to be the worst in the entire country – roll on driving!

Tomorrow I have a nine hour shift to look forward to before rushing back home on the train to grab my gear and stage clothes (and a shower if I’m lucky – our customers are amongst the most disgusting people I’ve ever met) before my first solo original set at Smoke & Mirrors. Then two gigs at the weekend, a driving lesson, and then I’m off to London for a couple of days. Busy busy.

Anyway, amongst all the talk of purging the negatives from my life I neglected to mention one very important thing – the retail job. I know what you’re probably thinking – ‘Oh stop whining, its only two days a week’, but the problem is its tough having essentially three jobs that all start and end at wildly different times. It stresses me out so much that I have to take the sleeping pills to at least recharge the batteries a bit. It needs to go.

I’ve told my boss I’m leaving in September. Another step forward on the road to full time musicianship. I physically cannot carry on my life the way it is right now – teaching job, retail job, wedding band, wedding duo, my original material, a wife and two kids. It just doesn’t work.

This means a pretty big and scary change but as many wiser people than I have said; ‘Do something that scares you every day’. The initial financial worry (and to be perfectly frank the retail job is more out of habit than necessity) pales in comparison to how much happier I will be. It will allow me the time to not only be a better musician but a better husband, father and person.

Jerry Cantrell (of Alice In Chains fame) has a beautiful line from his solo song ‘Solitude’ that perfectly sums up what I need to do: ‘Take the time to pull the weeds, choking flowers in your life’.

You can do it too.

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