Friends, I have something to confess.

I started this blog exactly a month ago and laid out my plans for a complete lifestyle overhaul, sorting out my physical and mental problems to pave the way to success. I stated my intention to go vegetarian, regularly exercise and quit smoking. My confession is that I’m finding this all very hard right now.

I managed to be vegetarian for the first two weeks; but I have since eaten burgers and fry ups. I’ve cut down on the smoking, but I’m still puffing away at gigs and when I go out drinking. And I’ve not exercised at all, so I haven’t lost any more weight. Back in February I broke my ankle and it hasn’t healed properly. Its very painful and I can’t run.

I could have just left all this out of the blog; but for this to work the way I want it to I have to be honest at every stage. The hardest thing to admit right now is that a month on I’m already getting bored and frustrated. I’m starting to dislike the songs and I keep wondering if I should just give up the original music and just be happy with singing covers and playing video games in my spare time. I don’t think it helps that the original blog hosting site was down for almost two weeks and so I couldn’t write anything and keep myself motivated.


No drunken London clubbing pics? I lied. Blurry picture represents my vision at the time

I’m sure that this frustration will abate once I can be more proactive and get on with my plans, but I’m still waiting to finish the EP and until that’s done I’m pretty limited in the things I can do – I can’t really book venues and attract band members without something to give them. But I do need your help, as I’ve said in previous posts. Tell me not to give up. If I’m already feeling this way after a month then this whole venture is going to be supremely tough. I’m sure once I push through this initial malaise things will get easier. Maybe you even have some suggestions as to what I can do in the meantime.

As to what i’ve done in the last week or so – I’ve done what I can. I continue to practice the set every day, I went and performed the set at an Open Mic Night in Clevedon, and I rediscovered another song that I wrote last year called ‘Coming Home’ that I like well enough to add to the set.

In this week’s ‘Hi, what’s your name?‘ news I met Brenda, a music lover from Wales. I met Paul, an elderly gent who travelled from Leicester to hear the music at the Seven Stars. I met Evie, the barmaid of said Seven Stars. I met Eddie, an amazing Brazilian guy who owns an incredible coffee shop in Bedminster. I went to watch Jane’s Addiction in London (which was incredible) and I met Clifford from East London and Ferdie from North Wales, both big JA fans.

Hopefully next week I will have more musical progress to report!

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